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WS4SB3 SkateDC Log

I finnally picked a program after about a year of fly by the seat of your pants training. I dont know what it was about WS4SB that drew me In but I really liked the format so I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been training with it for about 4 weeks now so ill post up the rest of what I’ve been doing.

I guess my mindset is that if im logging it every day I’ll be more able to get sound advice and train harder.

1st Day ME Upper body

Decline Bench 5rep max - 135x6 185x5 205x3 215x5

Incline db bench - 55x5 65x11 x7 - I thought I could have done more reps on these, miscalculation on my part since I havent been above the 8rep range in a while.

Pullups - Bodyweight x 8, x6

Barbell Rows/Reardelt - bbrows(95lbs) reversefly(10)
95x8,8,10 10x12,13,11

DB Shrugs - 80x12x10

Barbell Curls - 65x13x11

Dynamic Effort Lower Body

Box Squat - 135x10 x10 x10

Bulg Split Squat - 30x9x9x9

Stiff Dead - 135x5 185x8

I had never done split squats before, although it was more like a split lunge from the picture I found. I gotta say this was one of the harder leg exercises i’ve done in a long time. I was struggling to keep my balance, sweatin my balls off, and wishin it was over, but I got it done. I will always keep this exercise in my regime for years to come.

Max Effort Lower Body
(really looking forward to getting an impressive squat)

Squat - 115x5 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x5x3

  • It really felt great squatting so I threw in another set… Hope it doesnt change anything drastically.

Step ups - 20x12, 30x6x 35x6 - I didnt know what weight to use but from here on out I’ll use 35s

Stiff Deads - 135x8x10x12

love the program so far

Error on posting: I had a rep day between those leg days, here it is.

DB Bench - 50x6 65x14x10x9

superset Chins & Reverse fly
Chins - 0x8x6+2x4+3
Rev fly - 20x10x10x10

  • I have a hard time on chins, I had to work myself up from doing a sloppy 1 to where I am now. I really want my chins to get impressive.

DB Military - 50x11x9x7

Traps and Arms superset
Barbell Shrugs & Db Curls

BB shrug - 185x12x13x13
Dbcurl - 35x20x18x16

Here starts a new week (Note these first couple posts are from workouts I’ve already done, more detail to come in current posts)

Max effort Upper Body

Decline Bench - 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x3 220x4x2
-hoping it was OK to cluster a little bit here, I was pissed I didnt get 5.

Max reps DB Incline

I threw in some pullups here, hoping more frequency will get me stronger with more endurance
Pullups - Bodyweight x9,7,5

Barbellrows & Rear Delt
bbrows 95x5 105x13x11x9
rev fly - 10x10x10x10

DB Shrugs - 80x15x13x9

Dynamic Lower Body

Box Squat - 145x10 x10 x10

Bulg Split Squat - 30x9x9x9

Stiff Dead - 135x5 155x8

Note: I was so toasted after those split squats i could barely walk. crapped out on the deads…

Repetition Upper Body

DB Bench - 50x7 70x15x11 (Really happy about the weight and reps here)

Chins and Reverse Fly
Chins - BWx10x7+3x3+3 (the +'s here are added jumping pullups)
reverse fly - 25x10x8x8

DB Mil press - 50x15x12x9 (once again really happy about the reps).


Squat - 145x5, 165x5, 185x5, 195x5 Now I added a belt at 225x5 which felt awesome, but I didnt feel it as much in my legs for some reason, even though I was deep. so I did 225x2 with no belt.

Step Ups - 35x12x12x12

Stiffdead - 135x5 155x8x8

Max Upper

Decline - 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x3 220x5(got the 5)

BBRows - 95x8 115x12x12x10x10 (My back is sub par right now so hopefully adding a little more volume will help)
Reverse fly - 25x8x8x8

Incline DB Max reps

DB Shrugs - 85x13x13x9

A note about this post. My college has two seperate gyms, One called the dungeon is just benches, a power rack, and dumbbells which is where I always lift. The other is a high tech cybertech room with tons of treadmills, machines, and dumbbells.

I was going in for a night lift which I never do, seeing as I train in the mornings, and to my surprise the dungeon was closed for painting… It was off the the sissy gym commonly refered to as “big blue”

When I got there i was hardly pleased. Nothing really to do leg work on, and I counted 5… no wait 7 guys in wife beaters doing curls until their arms fell off.

At this point I dont know what happened but I really just wanted to squat some serious weight infront of these guys. I guess from months of reading T-Nation the idea of a bi day really urks me.

So i began to squat on the smith machine amongst the Bicep Brigade. working up to 3 plates on either side on the smith machine, something i’ve never done. I only got 3 reps but it was after many many warm up sets making sure i went low enough to make sure i got the message across. “you should be squatting”

My legs were cooked after that, but it was an awesome lift, even if it was only squats.

Ok here is the final catch up post
Rep Upper Day

DB Bench - 75x14x10x7x4 (the weight is up 10lbs since i started, with the reps in about the same range, I’m so pumped!)

Chins - BWx11x6+1x5+2 (reps getting higher!!!)

DB Mil - 55x12x8x6 (gonna stick with 55 for a little)

DB Shrugs - 90x12x12

Added some side delt raises here to help me lagging shoulders
20x8 25x12x9