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WS4SB3 Help Guys


I’ll be trying the West Side 4 Skinny Bastards Part 3 and i think its a good program but it does’nt have direct calves exercises added should i add calf exercises? or it hinders strength gains? if i will be adding a calf exercise how many 2 exercises about 3 sets? sorry for the noob question


This program was made for athletes.

A lot of athletes already do lots of running, jumping, bounding etc., and hence there is probably no need for calf specific work in the gym.



im not an athlete should i find a new program instead? i just want to get strong and train 4 times a week.


I like the program.

I think it would suit anyone who wants to get strong and more athletic.

Do it for 6-12 weeks and then re-asses.



should i add direct calf exercise because i dont do lot of running,jumping etc?? also in the repetition upper theres only pressing movement for me should i add a direct tricep exercise or no? and is strength training like this the lower body days i think not taxing to the body because im used to high volume training.


I would just do the program as it is. I mean if you are really desperate to do some calf work then sure add it in at the end.

Not sure if I understand your question regarding low frequency training for your legs?



i see i’ll do the program as is and let the gains answer my questions thank you!


Anytime champ.






i want to have 2 lower body days and upper days so i dont like the washed up meathead template and also btw what about the increments in the main lifts??


You’re thinking about this backwards. You should do a lot of running, jumping, etc so that you can get your calves trained AND develop some conditioning and athleticism, 2 qualities that most young trainees tend to be lacking in these days due to a very sedentary childhood.

Pretty much everytime I see some trainee stalling on a “beginner program”, it’s because they aren’t doing any conditioning work.


i see im currently fat right now because 7 weeks laying in a bed in an acident. two more weeks i can go lift again so im preparing thats why on my workout days ill do 45mins incline walk then in off days wed and sat sprint intervals…sunday is church day and family day? would you think its good? for my conditioning??


Here is a great article on conditioning