WS4SB3 Dynamic Day, Bulgarian Squats?

I started west side on monday and i had a question to ask… On dynamic effort day should the weight on the dumbell bulgarian split squat be heavy weight or light weight? Also is it okay to do Bulgarian split squat twice a week for dynamic and max effort days or should i split them up?

What is “heavy weight” or “light weight”? Are you asking for rep ranges? Why don’t you just look at what rep ranges he recommends for the other accessory work?

You can do them twice, if you really want. They’re a great exercise and are likely to expose some weaknesses. I find them to be very very difficult. I also find them to be helpful in staving off knee pain.

Ah, I shouldn’t even be replying, I never even do the second lower body day. :wink:

Depending on the rep range given use the heaviest weight you can that falls in that range.

Its really up to you whether or not to do them twice a week. As far as I know Defranco gives quite a variety of different exercises to incorporate on the lower body days.

I would do different exercises on the two lower body days. There are plenty to choose from besides bulgarian split squats. I also would take advantage of the activation the dynamic work gives you and go heavy, I always did when I was utilizing WS4SB.