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WS4SB3 - A Few Quick Questions


Hey everyone, I just started West Side for Skinny Bastards 3 today and I loved the first work out. Just have a few questions I was hoping could get answered here. Anyway, I'm not a skinny bastard relative to what I was. A few years ago I was 115 lbs. I am now 165 lbs and just finished doing 5/3/1 since August of 2009. However, to introduce some change in my lifting I've decided to do WS4SB3.

1 - Is there deloading with this program? If so, after how many weeks and to what degree?

2 - How often should I change the max effort lifts? How often should I change the assistance lifts?

3 - I noticed today such a strong arm pump (I am not used to high rep work/supersets) that by the final exercise which is curls under the template, I couldn't get above 5 reps on what I usually do 12! Is that normal? (Dumb question, I know, but as I said I never do high rep work I'd usually do a few sets of curls per week after doing deadlifts or bench).

Anyway, I feel great after the first lift and hope to enjoy the rest of the program. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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1 - It's not written in stone. What I do is run a 6-8 week cycle and then take a week to max out on the three main lifts. After that week, I take a deload.

2 - This kind of ties into your first question. I switch exercises every 2 weeks. I try to beat my mark from the first week in the second week. i.e. - If I pick close-grip bench for a ME exercise, then I would do 225x3 one week. Then the next week, I would try and beat it for weight or reps. The next week, pick a different exercise.

3 - Never experienced this. I just pick a weight and stick with it for 3-4 sets and do the prescribed reps.

Hope this helps!