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Can someone give me a template for a DE Fullbody day to add on friday instead of strongman conditioning. I want to have at least one olympic lift in there. This is my layout:
Mon - ME Upperbody
Tue - ME Lowerbody
Wed - rest
Thu - Rep Upperbody
Fri - DE Fullbody


I wouldn't have my max Effort days right after each other.

Spread them out.

And do a dynamic leg day instead of a full body workout for your 4th day, you can toss in a few cleans if you wanna call it full body.


the reason I was thinking fullbody becasue maybe i could do speed bench in there, but since I want to gain size I'm gonna add in a Rep lowerbody and cycle pwoer celan as a max effort lowerbody exercise.

Mon - ME Upperbody
Tue - Rep Lowerbody
Wed - off
Thu - Rep Upperbody
Fri - ME Lowerbody


Why not?


A true max effort day even at 5-3 reps puts alot of stress on your CNS. You will fry your body out alot faster if you do back to back ME days. James Smith on elitefts.com talks about this alot.

Sample template could look like this:
Monday-ME upper
Tuesday-RE lower (start off with cleans)
Thursday-RE upper
Friday-ME Lower

Since you're never taking your RE lifts to failure you're only really straining your CNS twice a week.


I am remodeled the WS4SB template so I go to failure on RE upper.


why are you going to failure? DeFranco, Tate, etc. say to not go to failure.


On rep day, he does suggest to go to failure.


dude, i am positive they recommend to never go to failure because it puts so much stress on the cns. he says to leave one in the tank on all sets.


On the rep day it says as many reps as possible at 95, 135 185 or 225. I usually do leave one in the tank b/c i don't have a spotter.


Personally Ive attempted to incorporate O-lifts into my training which is west-side based.

Sat- DE squats/deads; but this is my O-lift day. I do this b/c O-lifts are explosive in nature and I believe that they would fit perfectly into this scheme. Also, I suggest learning the O-lifts and their speacialized lifts from a cert Oly coach. Personally, Ive seen tremendous gains since replacing my norm DE day with O-lifts, including flexibility and endurance.
Mon- DE Bench
Tues- ME Squats/Deads (No Olys)
Wed- Off
Thurs- ME Bench
Fri- Off

Im cert not a Guru, just a reg guy thats seen my best results off of this format since Dec. Hope this helps you.