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I am 27 5’8", 150Ibs. I obviously need to gain weight. My biggest problem is consistency, whenever I stop lifting the weight goes right back off.

Here is my program

Day 1

Inc DB Bench
DB Rows
Face Pulls
BB Shrugs
Inc DB Curls
ext rotation
Glute Bridge
Ab Wheel
Sicilian crunch
back ext.

Day 2

Split Squat
Hang leg raise
Plate pinch

Day 3

DB Floor Press
DB Shoulder press
BB curls
Glute Bridge
Ab Wheel
Fat grip part. DL
Dragon fly
back ext

Opt Day 4 if schedule allows
Box Jump
Reverse BB Lunge front foot elevated
KB swings

All workouts are done with 60 rest and lots of supersetting wherever possible. Mobility drills and stretches are performed during rest. ex. bench press then hip mobility or SQ then Lat stretch.
This is my first time doing WS4SB it does seem on paper to be a little upper-body heavy. We will see I plan on killing legs on Day 2.
I will be starting off slow and light after being out of lifting for a while. I should probably post some pics too.

It’s upperbody heavy 'cause it takes into account the demands of your sport. It’s hard to go apeshit in the weightroom when you’re running/doing conditioning drills several times a week. If you’re not doing anything sports related add another leg day to make it 2 upper 2 lower workouts a week.

What’s your diet gonna look like? Good luck

First day, I need to get out of bed when the alarm goes off! I had 40 minutes which should be about enough once I get the routine down.

Not much warming up today some reps with the bar and some push-ups
BP - 5x135, 5x155, 4x155, 3x155, 3x155
Inc DB press - 20x20, 20x25 too light
A1 DB Rows - 4x10x55
A2 Face Pull - 4x10x45
B1 DB shrugs - 3x10x70
B2 Inc DB Curls - 3x8x20
Ab wheel rollouts 2x10

Not a big fan of benching I am always by myself so I never feel comfortable going too heavy. The most I have ever benched was 265 a couple of years ago.
I will use 30’s on the Inc DB press next time. Bench is at 65 degree angle seems a bit steeper than I have used in the past. I think I will keep it there.
Also not a big fan of curls this is the first program I have ever done with curls in the routine. I would occasionally add them in sometimes.
I am hoping not to miss any days over the next few weeks with the holidays but I am traveling a lot.

I am a fan of Waterbury and Thibs. I perform all my lifts as fast as possible. I terminate all sets when I feel my reps slowing down.

My diet I will be shooting for 2700 calories or more. The last 8 months I haven’t been lifting and my volume of eating has been way less so eating that much right from the start is tough but with the holiday I’ll stretch out that stomach and pack as much food in as I can. I try to eat healthy foods a mostly clean diet. I am not perfect and in trying to put on weight I will not hold back too much. My biggest struggle is my vegetables, I love fruit and get plenty of protein approx. 200g/day. I drink between 80-100 ounces of water a day. That is pretty much the only thing I drink, maybe milk with dinner on occasion.

After my workout today I had a protein shake with milk and creatine at 7am. Then at 8am later I had a 500/30/55 cal/protein/carb breakfast of ham cheese and bagel.

1030 granola bar and peanut butter snack.

OK so I grab some fast food about twice a week. I have never gone online to look at the nutritional info. So I didn’t expect the food to be healthy, but I am a little surprised.
I had two double cheeseburgers from BK $1 each. Can’t beat that!


Please don’t take offence to this but…that routine looks “full of fluff” for a person simply starting out and wanting mass/strength :slight_smile:

The science of training and getting bigger is so simple that it’s ridiculous. Progressive overload is all you need to worry about at this stage - forget all the other complicated stuff and specialised exercises.

This applies just as much to me too (I’ve abided by these principles all the time and gone from 130lbs to a lean 210lbs at 6 foot…naturally), still progressing well on the basics.

Base your routine/split around these exercises and their variants:

-Bench Press
-Military Press

2 (maybe 3) exercises per bodypart, 2 Sets each exercise, Rep range about 6-10 reps

You can manage and will benefit from training each bodypart twice a week roughly (or once every 5 days or so).

Add in a few assistance exercises (e.g. bicep curls/tricep extentions/calf raises etc) and that’s a good foundation routine to start with and master. Don’t get me wrong, when you get more advanced you would specialise more, but for now this would suffice.

Do about 3 big exercises per workout (and add about 2 assistant ones) and then unleash the beast! Although the exercise selection is low, you’ll get incredibly strong on the basics (as long as you rest and eat enough) :slight_smile:

The reason why your gains “deflate” so quickly afterwards is because you aren’t focussing enough on strength gains and keeping strong for a long time. It’s no use being “jack of all exercise but master of none”. You need to do an exercise consistantly week after week to get good results (and make sure poundage on the bar is going up weekly). Also, you need to eat consistently high calories to maintain (let alone build muscle).

Watch your passion, focus, strength, mass and persistence increase with the basics…

Don’t worry about your appetite; it will go through the roof when you focus on proper CNS stimulation (i.e. via lower reps and a handful of basic/heavy exercises).

Woke up at 148.5 today

Finished off last night with a spagetti dinner and then protein/creatine shake a little later.
I topped 2700 cals on the day and around 200g of protein.

Its just me, thanks for your opinion. The program I am doing is Westside for Skinny Bastards. It may appear like there is fluff on the end of day 1 and 3 those are just my core routine along with pull-up and fat-bar DL because I want to work my gripand back. I am not trying to start a war on my log, but Bench, Squat, Split Squat, RDL’s, Dips, Chins, Rows, DB presses are all pretty basic lifts. I have been lifting for 6yrs. my strength was decent at 150Ibs. a couple years ago I could SQ 385 DL365 BP 265 PP 185 DIP 320 Chin 260. I was a my strongest back then. I will be sticking with WS4SB until march and then switching to 5/3/1.

dec 24th
I am off my workout plan being out of town just doing what I can where I can.

bar, 115, 135, 185
6x3 185
BW, BW, +10
6x3 BW+20

Eating lots of food

DEC 25

Handstand Pushup
reps 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3
DB military press
3x8 35’s
Incline DB BP
3x10 35’s
Lockoff pushup
ab wheel