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I’m just starting WS4SB and I’m wondering if it would work to substitute dumbbell bench for barbell bench on my max effort day.

No, I would stick to what’s written.
Why do you want to switch the two?

I won’t be able to have a spot and with dumbbells it would be alot easier for me to work near my 3-5 rep max.

bench in a power rack.

You also need to make sure every 2-4 weeks you switch your ME lift.

Low-reps DB work can also be difficult: once DBs get really heavy, you’ll need some help to get them in the starting position…

[quote]Wilmernuts wrote:
You also need to make sure when you stagnate you switch your ME lift. [/quote]


I just started this and simply asked someone else in the gym to spot me on the last set. Obviously that doesn’t help if you workout at home but people are usually pretty helpful as long as you don’t take to much time out of their workout.

Tomorrow is my max effort upper body, last week I worked up to a 4rm of 185. So for tomorrow should I shoot for 5 reps at 185 or put on 190 and do my 3-5rm with that?

190 3-5 rm then week after 5 rm.