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WS4SB With Corrective Shoulder Routine

Yesterday I decided to do Chin ups as my max effort exercise for WS4SB. This decision was partly due to the fact that I have impingement and clicking in my shoulders that still effects my upper pushing lifts despite the fact that its getting better.

I was wondering if I could incorporate this shoulder rehab/prehab routine into my workout. http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=818555
If so should it be on the same day as WS4SB or on off days? It is only every 5 days so its not too demanding in that aspect.

Thanks for the help
Should be my last question before getting started on my new and much anticipated routine. (finally)

Just do 1 program.

Here you go, ultimate two minute shoulder warm up.

perform before all ws4sb sessions:

edit - also drop movements that puts a bar on your back for a while.

if shoulder is still bothering you, drop regular training and do this for 2-3 weeks:

Thanks for the replies guys.

I’m going to do that warm up for sure.
Would it be too much though to add the workout you suggested or the one I posted once a week on a non training day? Ill just be sure to do no other shoulder training for the duration of the rehab program.

if you took a week off for your shoulder and did the 5 circuits it would benefit you A LOT more than if you crammed all the 5 circuits into one day (which would be bad).

Either do the 5 circuits like it says in a week off, OR do the warm up before your WS4SB.

One week off will not hinder your gains.