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WS4SB with Chest Injury, No Pressing?


Hey All,

I've been doing WS4SB for a while now but a chest injury is now going to prevent me doing any pressing movements for the next 8 - 10 weeks.

Everything else is good though.

How would you recommend I set my WS4SB plan now - i still intend to train 4-5 times per week.




What exactly is this injury?


Not sure - still trying to get it diagnosed. Physio and xrays show nothing but my sternum and insertion of the right pec on the sternum is very sore and has been since feb.

I rested it for 4 weeks then tried to see what pressing movements didn't hurt. Incline presses & military were find but now as the weights get heavier the pain is coming back.

Laying on my right side at night causes stiffness and dull pain in the morning, laying flat on my front can also be sore as well. So i am just leaving all pressing movements alone until i can find someone to pinpoint the problem.


If you have an injury or inflammation to your pec you should probably not do any upper body work. Your biceps tendons run across your pectoralis major tendon and even doing curls with irritate it. Any shoulder work will also irritate the pec, as will shrugs, etc.

I like to suggest the Bill Starr routine to rehab a mild pec tear or strain (Coach Rippetoe has it somewhere on his site) but check it out yourself and run it by your doc and physio.

Whenever you are able to get back to upper body work it is absolutely vital that you start with very low weights. I'd suggest starting with pressing with the pink dumbells the aerobics girls use and then working your way up to the bar and only increasing the weight by 5 or 10 lbs. (that's around 2-5 kilos) per session. Obviously, you can train pretty frequently (5-7 days a week) until the weights start getting challenging and then increase the rest days as is appropriate.


Thanks for the input Ninja - it turns out I have a sub lax rib. The chiro has cut out all pressing movements for me but allowed legs and pulling movements, plus certain tricep movements.

I will definitely check out the programs you suggested however I have been working on this based on the chiro recommendations:
Mon - max legs
Tues - Back
Wed - off (O lift technique)
Thurs - Dynamic Legs
Fri - Back

It seems to be settling down a bit with rest and ice, just wish i hadnt pushed through it for so long!