WS4SB to Olympic

I have been training WS4SB for a while now, but have had an accelerating interest in Olympic Lifting. I am getting in contact with my local Club, but I won’t begin training for another 3 months or so, so in the meantime I was looking for some advice on constructing a purely preperation program for the time before I register myself.

The only condition would be that twice a week I want to practice training planche and lever, swapping 60 second iso holds with high rep sets.
I also like benchpress, but if you think I should cut down on it’s emphasis I would rather put 100% effort into maximizing my Olympic Lifts.

So does anyone have any information on purely Olympic Lifting training styles?

If I was starting oly lifting id be mostly concerned with stretching and leg work.

Check out Coach Dan John’s book “From the Ground Up”.

It is a free download available here:

It should give you everything you need to know.