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WS4SB Supplemental Lifts


Just wondering if anyone has an idea about how often a person should be switching the other lifts of this program. By other lifts I mean everything besides the ME stuff, I know that I want to keep ME stuff going for at least four weeks to be able to progress in those lifts. But what about everthing else after those lifts. All the options within the selection groups work the same muscles, just in a different way, so should a trainer switch those lifts each workout to get a different type of stimulus to the same muscle group. Or should you keep those lifts the same for two,three or four weeks and switch or should they be run out for the duration of the program and then deload and switch all lifts again. Im anxious to hear what some experienced people have to say about this because I could not find the info about this on coach D's website.

Thank You


You want to progress on all lifts.. not just the ME ones..

I suggest keeping supplemental exercises the same for at least a little bit, so you can at least see progress..

When you get more experienced, you have a better feel for things and can usually switch out exercises more often - but I wouldn't recommend it for somebody new to this..


I dont why this was sent over to the beginner forum. I might not have a big bench(because I just started doing it) but im not a beginner. Im just starting a totally new program and was just wanting some opinons of people who may have done this program before or are currently using this program. I know its a good program I just had a couple questions about it.


Depends on where you posted it, but generally the beginner forum gets more traffic that some of the subforums.

You generally keep the same supplemental lifts for a while (I know "a while" is vague), they're lifts to help you work on weaknesses.

Ex. Your bench stalls an inch off the chest, you do supplemental work with a one-board or a two-board.

I think the minimum is a month, max would probably be 3 months, if you haven't improved your weakness by then you need to dig a little deeper and try to figure out what's actually causing the weakness and maybe set a new supp lift to address that.