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Hey Guys,
I started WS4SB pt III this week and I have one question about it. It allows a lot of variation, which is why it is appealing to me. With that being said, for the main lifts (1st exercises of each day) how often should I change them up.

Should I just concentrate on one exercise say regular flat bench press for a month or so, and then say go to 3-board press? What about the accessory lifts too? Thanks for the help!



I'd change up your ME lifts every two or three weeks, anything more than 3 weeks and I think your probably not gonna be able to progress on the lift. I just started WS4SB and I change my excersizes every 2 weeks. Set a PR the first week, try and break it the second week then change up your excersize. As far as accesory stuff goes I think find out what works best for you and stick with it until you get bored and feel like changing something up. I plan on rotating bench, squat and deadlift every 3 ME excersizes or so to see how my progress is coming along


Ok cool! Thanks Clutz.


Clutz presents a really valid way to go, but I'm gonna give another take.

If you're fairly new to training, you might consider sticking with your ME exercises for a while, cycling the weights up and down like a powerlifter (5/3/1 would be an example). As a beginner, you need to get reps in with your big exercises so that you can get comfortable with your form. WS4SB is only giving you one session a week with a given exercise so just when you're starting to get in your groove you'd be changing exercises. Not always a huge change, but still a change.

Both approaches work, it's just a matter of which one fits your goals better.

Accessory work is a different matter. I'd feel free to change it up every few weeks until you find some exercises that really work for you and then you can milk them for a while.


WS4SB is a great program - I ran it for over a year.

Get the most out of your lifts; change when they stop working/progression - that way the body has a chance to take advantage of the lifts. Once you reach an RM (wether it be 5,3,2 etc) you can plan blocks/cycles for your ME days.

Same goes for acc. work; once you start to stagnate - change it up, remember to take notes for when you return to the exercise, that way you can plan block/cycles etc. as well.

The good thing about WS4SB is that nothing is set in stone.

Good Luck.


That's exactly why I enjoy in undecimber. It allows for variety, I'm just not sure how much variety to give it just yet. Thanks for the help guys!


hey guys.. I've been logging my foods on Fitday.com for the past few days just to get a general idea of where I'm at. The past two days I've been at around 2,000 calories, which is atleast 600, 700 of what I' supposed to be consuming (I think?). I've had about 130-150g protein, 100g of carbs and 80-90 g of fat. Any advice? Thanks.


What are you trying to do? Gain weight?


Well I want to get bigger, but not gain fat. Right now I'm around 160-165, at 5'11. I want to gain 10-15 pounds in the next few months?


Then you need to EAT EAT EAT. 2,000 calories ain't gonna cut it.


Haha I know. I just ate dinner b and that consisted of: 3 pieces of flank steak, a piece of chicken cordon bleu, cereal, and plain peanut butter and skim milk.


Choose four full range of motion exercises and rotate each week

Matt Rhodes lays it all out: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/getting_ready.htm