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WS4SB or Westside Template


For someone looking to continue to build their physique but get real strong, what is your recommendation, WS4SB or a program like Dave Tate's 9 Week Basic Training Program?


If powerlifting is your goal, then stick with Dave Tate's 9-week basic training program.

If you also want athleticism and some hypertrophy to go along with max strength, WS4SB may be a good option.


Personally, I am very pleased with the WSFSB program. That is because it has enabled me to get strong whilst completing speed and endurance sessions throughout the week. I can't see myself getting off that program anywhere in the near future as I am getting stronger by the week, gaining size and improving my speed.

If I was only going for strength and size then I would be looking in Dave Tate's direction. Just look at the end result. Tate is a friggin monster and has the gorilla strength to go with it.

Both programs will get you results so I wouldn't stress too much. You are in good hands.