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WS4SB or BBing Template for Best Gains?


I'm trying to gain 15 to 20 pounds in the next 4 months for spring football and get a bigger bench press and squat. In december I did WSFSB and made some considerable strength gains but only put on a few pounds of muscle. However I wasn't eating right or using any supplements. January and most of this month I didnt follow any program and just benched with reps of 5x5 and 4-3-2-1 and squated 5x5 and did some assistance exercises.

However since I wasnt following a strict program and just sort of doing random shit I didnt make very good gains. Right now I'm wondering if the Skinny Bastards program is my best bet for trying to get big for football and get my bench/squat numbers higher or if I should try bodybuilding splits, and if there are any good diets for getting bigger or how much of a role diet plays in getting bigger.


A proper diet is THE PRIMARY role in getting bigger. We'll need to know your height, weight, and approximate body fat percentage to give better advice. However, I would simply recommend going back to WS4SB and eating everything in sight.


If WSFSB was working well, you should do it again.

Diet is plays a HUGE role in getting bigger, without a solid diet no program you do will be beneficial. Eat your ass off in good clean food. Do not be afraid to splurge on pizza and burgers to!

What does your diet look like now?

You have four months and twenty pounds is definitely feasible.


The workout program has nothing to do with how much weight you gain; thats all from diet. You're also not going to gain 15-20 pounds of muscle in 4 months. Maybe 10 pounds of lean body mass (muscle, glycogen, and water). Any more weight will be fat.

Or you can just do I, Bodybuilder and the anaconda protocol and gain 27 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks like CT, only to stop doing I,BB and start doing "Neural Charge" a few months later.


I love ct and follow his principles but this comment made me lol.


I'm 5'10 and around 155. I'd say my bodyfat percentage is like 12 to 15, whatever average is I guess. I've got a good amount of muscle on my shoulders and arms but a little bit of fat on my stomach. My diet usually looks like:
Breakfast: Egg/bagel sandwich
Snack: Met RX protein bar
Lunch: Turkey, Roast beef, or ham sandwich with some fruit and random snack food
Snack: Sandwich
I started taking creatine during my workouts this week
Post workout: Big glass of milk, protein bar
Dinner: Whatever my parents make
Before bed I usually eat a PBJ or something.
I try to work in half a gallon of whole milk.

I think this is an alright diet but maybe once or twice every couple weeks I'll oversleep my alarm and not make breakfast/lunch and get mccdonalds or not eat at all until I come home, I'm not sure how much this is fucking me up. Another thing is I'm OK with gaining some fat as long as it's proportional and I'm a football player not a bodybuilder but on the other hand Im not trying to get a gut.


Man, this shouldn't even be up for debate. Run ws4sb, do your position specific skill work and eat more than you are. Don't miss your alarm, eat 2 sandwiches where you're currently eating one, add extra eggs to your breakfast, snack on nuts and fruit, etc.... At your age and training weight you can get away with a lot of dietary shenannigans, and probably should do so to ensure adquate calories.