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WS4SB on a Cut?


I started a cut about 3 weeks ago (low carbs, high protein, calorie deficit, etc.), but I'm just wondering whether WS4SB will be a good idea while cutting? I started WS4SB on a bulk after doing SS for about 5 months, so it seemed like a logical step up at the time. Most of the sources I've read say that compound programs like SS or 5/3/1 are better when cutting. What are your opinions on this?


You do want a heavy, low rep lifting program while cutting to force your body to keep as much muscle as possible. Start by adjusting diet until you start seeing weight loss, then as the weight loss starts to taper off, add in cardio.

You have no information in your hub, so I’ll ask:

Height, weight, approximate bodyfat?
How many years have you been training?
What are some of your lift #'s?


Height: 6’0"
Weight: 160lbs
Training: I dicked around with weights for a good 2 years, but I only really got my shit together since last November
Bodyfat: I guess around 14%, my goal is about 10%.

Squat: 210lbs (haven’t squatted in a long while though, didn’t like my legs becoming huge)
Deadlift: 286lbs
Bench: 163lbs
OHP: 66lbs (my worst lift without a doubt)
BB Row: 154lbs

All of these are 5x3/5 though, never attempted a 1RM because I honestly don’t see the point.

Now I’m sure most of you’ll will consider me light weight, but with summer coming up I really didn’t feel like bulking, so I opted for a cut.


If you cut every time summer rolls around, you can forget about ever having an impressive physique.

About the squatting comment: I find it hard to believe your legs were becoming too big from squatting 210x5. As an example, what do you consider ‘too big’.