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WS4SB + MMA Training



I am currently lifting 3 days a week inbetween my MMA/Kickboxing practices. MMA is 2 hours on Tues, Fri and Saturday.

I have been lifting on my own program designed as sort of a post rehab kind of thing, doing the 8 weeks to Monster shoulders program, along with a lot of pulling and work tagetting my VMO. Before that I was in rehab for tendonitis in my left shoulder (ext. rotator) and a hyperextended kneed from a Knee bar.

Now that my shoulders and knee feel 100% (though I would still like to correct my imbalances and improve shoulder ROM. more on that later) it seems a maximum strength and hypertrophy program is in order.

SO, would I be crazy to pick a pulling exercise like bent-over rows as my ME upper body movement? I really want to try and limit pressing to at least equal emphasis in my program.

I will post again with my planned schedule.

Thanks for reading my novel,


Some stats:

I am 5'3'', currently weigh 140lbs. Not sure of the bodyfat, but I am lean enough for my purposes.

Bench: ? (don't know. haven't been able to for going on 6 months)
Squat: 250lbs
Deadlift: 285lbs

My tenative training program:

ME: Inc BB Bench
1x5 45
1x5 95
1x5 105
1x5 115
1x5 125
1x5 135
DB Bench
3x10 35
Bent Over Rows
4x10 115
Inc Side Raises
3x12 10
Swiss Ball Crunch
3x15 15


ME: Deadlift
1x5 135
1x5 185
1x5 215
1x5 225
1x5 235
1x5 245
Bulgarian Squat
3x8 65
Leg Curls
Wrist Roller
3x? ?

RE: BO Rows
1x10 95
1x10 115
3xMaxReps 135
Rope Pushdowns
Chin Ups
DB Press
BB Curl
3x8 ?


A1 Rock and Lift
A2 Ext Rotate
2x10 5
A3 DB Lat Raise
2x10 15
2x10 10
B2 Cable Row to Neck
2x12 85
C Push up on Sball
D Stretch Lats Pecs

So, would it make sense to switch the Barbell bench with Bent over rows as my ME movement? Thanks for the help.



No offense brother, but I think you should do a simple, volume based routine [like big boy basics] to get your strength up and help you get the movement patterns down. Good luck with your training.


"I don't know karate, but I do know ca-razy." - Shanghai Noon reference. Okay, nevermind.

You probably could use bent rows for an ME movement, but the risk-benefit ratio would probably be unfavorable. (Even then, I'd probably prefer a chest-supported row, for more low back security). Are you looking for a pulling exercise because of your shoulder issues? Have you considered switching to an overhead press for an ME movement? Push presses or jerks are great movements that lend themselves to heavier weights.

P.S. - Are those curls and pushdowns on Thursday really necessary? I think your body wouldn't miss them too much if they feel off the radar.


No offense taken! You are probably right. The numbers quoted for bench were simply projections as I have no idea what my bench would be at this point after such a lay off.

Just curious though, is that the only reason you mention it? Or is it because I am too inexperienced (in your opinion) for the program? I am 20 and have been lifting T-Mag style for 2 years if that helps. Just trying to understand your reasoning :slightly_smiling:



Thanks for the feedback! Actually, I didn't even think about low-back security, especially as I have never had any problems in that department. When you mention Jerks, would that be a full Clean and Jerk or just the Jerk from the clean position?

The curls and pushdowns are called for in the program. That's why they were included. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459321



Actually I use a pulling movement as my ME lift a lot of times. I go a little higher with the reps (usually 5), and I prefer chin or pull-up variations.


Just the jerk. If you want a ME pressing exercise, the clean could be a limiting factor. If anything, instead of taking it from a power rack at shoulder height, you could go for 1 clean from the floor, then all your jerks.

Ah, I gotcha. Nevermind then.


Well, I think I will do push presses as my ME upper body movement. I have a little better idea of the weights to use there. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Thanks for all the feedback,