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WS4SB ME Lower

I will be 3 weeks into WS4SB on Monday, So it is time to switch up my ME lifts.

For the first 3 weeks I went with box squats. I hit a new pr of twice my bw for 3 reps, not impressvie but results are results. Now for the next 3 weeks I orginally decided on deadlifts. Can I expect any carry over from deads to squats? or should I switch from box squats to regular back squats for my next 3 weeks?

I am new to the west side style of training and am unsure how the best way to swicth the ME lifts would be.


I would go with deads. Free squats and box squats although different are very similar. (Assuming you use the same stance, the same bar, and the same bar position). I have experiment with this in past I my body can’t handle it. I need rotate movements that are less similar.

Yes, there is a carry over from deads to squats. I experence one anyway.

You can expect the carryover from your deadlift to your squat to increase the weaker your posterior chain is or the wider or more hip-driven your squat is.

I don’t want to tell you how to do it, but I’ve noticed more carryover from squatting to other things than from deadlifting to other things, so my advice would be to squat more often than you deadlift. Olympic squats (though with a low bar positon) are my new favorite ME exercise.

Its been a couple weeks since I last did any heav DL’s so I am going to go with them for weeks 4-5-6.

After I complete that I will go to regular BB squats, than for the 3 weeks sfter that maybe front squats.

Thanks for the info.

I did a WSFSB styled program. I bastardized it and had a day for deads and a day for a squat variation. I also had abs and calves as assistance on the deadlift day. The squat day was how he described it. I did well on it. It’s something to think about if lifting lower body once a week isn’t cutting it for you.