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WS4SB III Questions


Last week I worked up to a 4 rep max at 185, should I increase the weight to 190 this week or should I stay at 185 and shoot for 5 reps.


I would go for 5 reps at 190. I'd probably just keep increasing until I hit <= 3 reps (maybe < 3, depends how good I'm feeling about it).

However, I'm not familiar with the program in question, or their guidelines for such occurrences.


Try to go heavier, even by "only" five pounds.


ill go for 190 at 4. ive been doing westside for about 3 months now.

3 weeks ago i hit 250x4 the next week i did 255x4 then last week i did 260x3 so this week im shooting for 260x4


u could also switch to wieghted dips, heavy decline bench...etc. switch up the exercise if u stop progressing for a couple weeks


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Where did you find this program? And is it a good strength building routine for any sized guys? Or just skinny???


heres where i found it first.. http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/westside_for_skinny_bastards

Its a very solid strength routine. i went from doing 235x4 to 260x3 on the bench, i didnt squat and deadlift regularly before but im at 280x7 on DLs and 245x9 on squat and improving every week. i really recommend this program, simple exercises and he offers a huge variety to chose from. its for any sized guy im a former fatty.


thanks alot, i need to build strength although i would like to become a former fat boy first. still a little big to classify myself as "former"
after searching i found version III, although i dont know where i could do box jumps in my gym. thats my only problem with that. does anyone know of any other exercises i could do in place of the box jumps?


Last time for my max effort flat bench I got 195x3, the week before that I got 190x4. Should I consider switching my max effort lift today to incline bench or should I shoot for 200x3 on flat bench.


How long have you been doing flat bench press? I'd try and get 4 reps with 195; if failing, i'd change exercise.


Yesterday was my 4th week of flat bench, so yesterday I put on 200 and did 4 reps. I'm wondering if next week I should switch the lift or keep trying to make progress with the flat bench.


It doesnt have to just box jumps, it can be any type of jumping training. Examples: Pick a mark to shoot for with your hand on the wall and do jumps gradually try to hit a higher spot. Straight leg jumps onto a bench, when this gets easy add hight to it. Jump squats is another do 20-30% of your 1 rm in the squat and do jumps with it. Bulgarian split squat jumps - same as jump squats but split squat version. Hope this helps.


I'd say to keep flat bench as long as you make gains: just add 5lbs each week, and when you fail two weeks in a row to get 4 reps, then switch to incline.
Rule of thumb: milk everything out of an exercise (or a program) before changing anything.