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WS4SB: How Long to Run It?


How long can I run the original WS4SB and make progress?
I'm looking for a program that I can do over a extended period of time.
WS4SB seem very interesting to me.


You can run it for the rest of your life!!!
Maybe change the way your work to your top set..
5/3/1 with ws4sb as assistance been done with great success already.
ws4sb is well balance..push/pull ratio!


You can literally run it for the rest of your life. The one thing I can't stress enough though is changing main lifts every 3-4 weeks, and don't be afraid of doubles and singles.


Like they said, just like the original Westside, you can stay on it however long you want. I think its a great alternative for powerlifters and athletes alike. If you look at defranco's website, you will obviously see the results that others have had with it.


So I assume it's not only for beginners.
Should I take a deload every 3 or 4 weeks on this program?


Deload every 4th week is the general guideline !

But you can deload every 5th or 6th weeks...Up to you..!!


Like crank said, 4th is general but you will eventually have to gauge that yourself. And no its not for beginners only. Ive heard others say that and Im curious why. Defranco has used this and similar templates on his athletes who have lifted for years.


What version should I use: 1, 2, 3 or badass. My goal are strength and some mass, I'm not into
any sport.
From what I red version 2 seem to be targeted toward athleticism rather than pure strength.


Go with version 3 !! Well balance !

Badass(ebook) is in fact ws4sb part 3 with finisher after each workout..

Finisher you can change them of find something to challenge you..10 minutes burpees or anything else !

I bought that book last week...50 finisher for a good price, just to get new idea!

Anyway you cannot go wrong with version 3 ! Have fun !


Run it as long as it gives you results.


I would shoot for #3 as well. It really doesnt matter though. I would definitely look into Badass(the whole title is Built like a Badass). Although Ive never read it, I train similar and Ive heard great reviews.