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WS4SB Help Needed


Well I am currently a student athelete at a small d2 university in NC and I have recently started the West Side for Skinny Bastards because first I have never been on a real weight Training program before in my life and 2nd because my school's program sucks becuase we have an idiot former college kicker as a "strengh coach".

But back to the program I started and I felt okay, but I think I am week in certain areas, so this how my first ME day went

BB flat bench
10 reps @ 95, 10 reps @ 125, 10 @ 135, 7 @ 165, 5 @ 185 and 3 @ 230. all with about the rest of it taking my partner to do his much weaker set in a different rack.

DB floor press
10 reps @ 60Lbs, 4 good reps with 4 shaky forcing it type of reps @ 60LBs, 6 reps @ 40Lbs all of them were hard

BB rows and plate flys. we dont have 20lbs dumbells.

I started off with 135 on the rows, but it didn't seem like I had the strengh to do it correctly, so I went down to 115Lbs which was ok, but it felt weird becuase I have never done Barbell rows in my life. so this is how it went.

7 reps @ 115Lbs & (plate flys) 11 reps @ 20lbs *because I can't hold 3, 10lbs plates in each hand

6 reps @ 115Lbs & (plate flys) 11 reps @ 20Lbs

7 reps @ 115lbs & 11 reps @ 20Lbs

This is my weak point, so I am wondering should I do more exercises that target the biceps because these are some of the muscles I use to long snap and I figure if I get my numbers up, that in turn will bring down my average snap time.
Standing barbell curls

6 reps @ 70Lbs * this was a struggle*
7 reps @ 70Lbs * I waited a few seconds and forced the last rep*
5 reps @ 70lbs * the bar literally fell out of grip

I didnt do Abs becuase I was spent and shaking and stuff, so I skipped it.

My questions would be am I doing the program right, should I add more bicep exercises, can yall recomend more upper back and lat exercises (*note I am limited to free weights, body weight, and a dip rack or watever its called. my school doesnt care for weight rooms)

I can't do the lower body portion of the program yet becuase the doctor says I can't put extra weight on my ankle because I had a bad sprain a few weeks ago and I just got out of the air boot.




You're doing too many reps. For all ME exercises, you should do lower reps and plenty of sets (to build the necessary volume and to get three lifts within the 90% or higher range of your 1RM). Since you did 230x3, I would recommend the following for your warm-up sets:


Stick with this weight for future workouts. Aim for 6-10 reps, don't do them to failure!

That weight and sets/reps was fine. If you don't have the correct form to do the barbell rows correctly, then you can do dumbbell rows, seated cable rows or chest supported rows. I highly recommend any and all of them (cycled in the program every four weeks or so). Also, you could do more sets if this is a weak point.

Lower the weight next time. Practice good form and stay in the 6-10 rep range.

There is enough bicep work in the program. If you want more, follow the weight training template from WS4SB 2 (it has two days for arm work and two days for back work - one for rowing and one for vertical pulling, i.e. chins).

Stick with rowing exercises on one day and chins on the other.

Once your ankle is better, I would definitely do the lower body days. In the meantime, you could probably do bodyweight exercises for lower body to help strengthen you. Try walking lunges (with bodyweight only), one-legged squats/bulgarian squats (one foot supported by bench behind you) and one-legged bodyweight calf raises.

I'm following the template from WS4SB 2, and I love it! Bigger and stronger each week.


It looks like you have most of the plan down, but could use a little tweaking.

First, when doing the ME movement, warm up then drop to 5 reps. For example, at 135 drop to 5 reps, then 5x165, 5x185, 5x205, 3-5x 230. By doing less reps at an easier weight, you will delay some fatigue, this should allow you to do more weight or reps.

I'd recommend using the 50 lb DB's next week, and stop about 3 short of failure.

Uh, why are you doing flyes? If you are talking about chest flyes, drop them for now. If you are doing rear delt raises, don't superset them with your back rows until you perfect your form.

For lat work, switching around hand positions and your torso angle on BB rows will change the movement enough to provide a ton of variety. Dumbbell rows are also good.

For trap work, shrugs are the most basic. Hang cleans, if done right, are great for traps. I personally like upright rows, but some people shouldn't do them because of their shoulder structure.

Chinups are great, but I think they work better on the rep day, rather than the ME day.

As for doing extra bicep work, I don't know if it is really necessary yet. With all of the back work in the program, your biceps will get plenty of work.

I would wait a couple of weeks before adding anything to the original template.

Hope this helps you out a bit.



I think the first point has been covered:
A)Waaaaaaaay too many reps
B) training for center eh? I would say stay w/ the Westside, although you may want to actually move on to the standard version of Westside. Make sure you eat tons.
C)Don't look at any of this a direct training for your longsnap. If that is something you want to improve then get your ass outside three or more times a week and snap 50 long snaps to your friends.