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WS4SB for the Untrained

My roommate wants to start going to the gym and I was planning on starting the WS4SB program. Would this be OK for an untrained person to do? I have heard that untrained people should start with circuit work and things like that, but i started on a very intense football training program and never had any problems. What are your opinions on this?

check out
Smart From the Start
by Eric Cressey

just scroll down the main page click on

Article libary, then authors
Great article for beginners

Since you say roommate, I assume you’re talking about a teenager/20-something male, in which case I think WS4SB2 would be fine. I would recommend not actually “maxing out” on ME days for a month or two. Start light; you don’t need to hit a max the first time in anyway.

I do think if a beginner was over 40 or in poor health to begin with, WS4SB2 might be a little too intense to start out.

I’d also start light with the deadlift and squat variations until he gets his form down. A few weeks of 3x8 w/o going to failure might also help, otherwise the DMS may stunt his progress by forcing him to miss days.

I’d also go w/ Cressey’s S. From the Start article. By following some of these guidlines you’ll be able to uncover any possible muscle imbalances b/w limbs. Keeping w/ 8 + reps for awhile will also help w/ form and get him ready for a WS4SB type a program down the line.