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WS4SB Deloading Week?


Hye guys,

I ften go back to the Westside program because it always produces solid gains. My question is, i know i should be doing a deloading week at some point, but how long into the program would be a proper point to deload...Week 12? 16? or sooner?

Thanks for the help


I've never heard of anyone having to de-load on the program. It's not like it's high-frequency or volume or anything.

Don't de-load on it.

My .02.


Agreed. 9x out of 10 deloading is overrated.


I found that as long as I was eating enough, sleeping enough, and taking advantage of other recovery methods, I could go hard on WS4SB for as long as I needed.

I just got back in the gym after a 7 week lapse (school, trip, etc...). Coming back from that, I needed a break after about 3 weeks of training. Other than that, I'd agree with the others on no need for a deload.


On whether deloading is needed:

Take a look at this program (I'm serious, actually read it) and see what kind of volume is involved: www.dragondoor.com/articler/mode3/80/

Also consider that those doing a program like this have already probably tripled their strength from their starting point and are using very serious weights, much more demanding on the system than the weights of a new trainer.

THIS kind of program calls for a deload.

You can decide for yourself, after considering the volume and intensity of work done here, how your program compares and whether it makes sense that likewise it has need of a frequent, programmed deload.

That is not to say that in the passage of time you might not evaluate your own situation and feel, perhaps correctly, that a week of low demands on your body might be a good thing at that particular time.

Now, if DeFranco's got it programmed in, then if want to follow his program not a variant, then do it (else you are not following his program, but a variant.)

Myself, I think that anyone who needs a deload on that kind of volume would never last in the gulag.


Thanks Bill your advice is always helpful. Its not that I have stopped making gains, I was jsut curious if a deload would cause some delayed composition or help me increase my ME lifts by giving the CNS a break. But, since the consensus is I dont need one, more ME days is fine by me!


Glad you're still making gains on it! A good reason then to continue as you have.