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WS4SB - Cutting


I just started up the WS4SB a couple of weeks ago for a change of pace and to get a little powerlifting into my program.

I am going to be starting up my cut soon following a timed carbohydrate diet of carbs only pre and post workout and probably a carb filled breakfast on leg day.

What are the general thoughts on using WS4SB to maintain strength/muscle during a cut? Would I be better off doing a higher volume approach, or do you think this would work well?


Lower volume, higher frequency, and lower reps, higher weight are what’s mostly endorsed around here for optimal training during a cut. If WS4SB allows for all these you’re in good shape. Maintaining muscle is a good goal, but you shouldn’t shoot to just maintain strength. There is no reason you can’t improve your strength while cutting albeit a tad slower than with a hypercaloric diet.

Your diet is what will mostly determine your success, though. Morning walks are also good to clear the mind and jump start the day.


If you’re an actual skinny bastard you have no business cutting. The girls at the beach won’t be too disappointed if your abz aren’t as hawt this summer…