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WS4SB/Cross Fit Hybrid Program?


Hey guys... I've been doin variations of the WS4SB template for a good year now. I love the results im getting but i feel like my conditioning is lacking. So i was wondering, is it okay to incorporate a cross fit routine some where in my week to help with that? Here's my routine so far...

M - Max Upper + Sprints + Abs

T - Off

W - Lower + "Prowler Pushes" + Abs

Thurs - Rep Upper + Sprints

Fri - light bag work + Abs

Sat - off

Sun - off

I'm extremely happy with the strength and muscle gains, but i'm just concerned that my conditioning is not up to par ..any suggestions or ideas? thanks!!


Conditioning for what?

Regardless, throwing a few quck WODs into the mix shouldn't slow your progress much. It's basically just extra ESW. Start with 1 extra WOD a week and see if that hampers your strength gains at all.


Why not use the conditioning template DeFranco includes in WS4SB3? I would definitely go that direction before trying to incorporate crossfit, but that's just me.


Easy to do, replace the bag work and prowler pushes with a METCON WOD. Go to the crossfit FAQ and it lists the girls and heroes. Take 14 of those and rotate them. That will give you a 7 week turn around. You will get significantly better. The conditioning crossfit METCONs build has the most carry over to other modes than anything else I've ever done.


Thanks for all the advice guys

Well im supposed to be going to a LE Academy next year, so id like to get in better shape. That being said i dont wanna lose the size and strenght ive built. What does ESW mean?


Do conditioning. It will not hinder you.

Don't let a few bodybuilders with "bigorexia" keep you from doing "energy systems work". A year from now you will be glad you did when you aren't sucking wind on a 2 mile jog.


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ESW = Energy Systems Work

You won't lose any size or strength if you keep lifting heavy and keep eating enough. It may slow your gains a little though, but if conditioning is higher on your list of priorities than size and strength I wouldn't worry about it.

One of the ways I used to use METCON (METabolic CONditioning) WODs was to perform my strength work in the morning/early afternoon and do the WOD in the evening. This worked very well for me.


I train at a crossfit right now where the owner does a lot of strength work on a template similar to WSB.

The way he works it out is to do an occasional (1-4 times per week, depending) WOD for the more conditioning based workouts, ie non-heavy weight based workouts, so that it doesn't interfere with his regular strength workouts. When he does them, though, the rules he follows are to avoid anything demanding on the nervous system, get plenty of carbs that day, and do the conditioning in the morning and the heavy stuff later in the day.

He's been doing this for a while and says he found it didn't matter when he did the WODs in the week since they aren't demanding on the muscular system, and they didn't seem to interfere with his regular training as long as he was eating enough.


How about finishing 2 workouts per week with a 4 minute Tabata.


I agree with this. WODs use such light weights that they don't usually result in any DOMS or centralized fatigue afterward. I would do the WOD after my regular training, but as long as the workouts are separated by several hours it won't matter.