WS4SB Chest?

Hello. I have a question regarding Westside for Skinny Bastards.

My chest is very weak, and when benching my delts and triceps take on most of the work no matter how wide of a grip I use.

Would it be ok to add some chest flyes or something into one of the upper body days, so that I can try to strengthen my chest abit?

If so, what day should I add it to?

Thanks very much in advance.

How’s your bulk going? I remember I spoke to you via PM a while back.

I think that rather than incorporating flyes, you could try and put in sets of decline dumbbell bench on the RE (3xMax reps) days. Make sure you press with a neutral (palms facing inward grip) as this has the greatest carry over to the bench.

You could also try slide push ups using chains or blast straps (if you’ve got a linoleum floor and some towels that’ll work too). There’s a description of how and why to perform them in this article by CW:

Yes flies can be a great assistance exercise after the real work is done. Many of the big fella at westside that lift raw use them as an assistance. add them to either day