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WS4SB Basic Help!

Hi everyone

I have been reading about the program from Joe DeFranco called Westside for skinny bastards, and I want to start out with it. However, I don’t understand how I’m supposed to progress with all the exercises?

Which % do I start with and how many % do I gain every week?

Is there a schematic I can view that explains the progression?

For how many weeks should I progress until deloading/deconditioning?

These questions may seem very simple to some, but I’m really lost here. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

It isn’t really based on a % value. Rather, it is based on what you can do. What weight can you do for 3 reps after progressing from, say, 5 reps to start with and working your way up in weight?

It is different for everyone. Read the article and the discussion that follows. Joe D answered that question and a lot of others.

As a bases, you may end up do 6 working sets for an exercise if you are using small jumps. Or, you may do a few less if you have more warm up sets leading to the working sets. Also, you can do a set or two of just 1-2 reps if you strong enough.

OKay… I think I understand… so I start out with whatever weight I can carry, and every week I add more weight than the previous week.

thanks… I will get to the program immediatly…

Well, you move up to a weight you can do.

An example:

The next week, you might add weight or just increase in reps. It depends on you.

Keep in mind, that was a basic example and it can vary on reps, weight and sets for every individual and exercise.

Okay… I think I understand…

I don’t need to increase in weigth all the time, sometimes I can add more sets, I just have to add weight/sets every week… got it!

Not necessarily sets. Reps yes.

In my example, say you did the 245 for 1 rep. The next week, you do 2 reps on that last set. Then, when you finally get back around to doing that exercise (because you are changing exercises every 2-3 weeks) you can increase the weight on that last set and go for 1-2 reps.

The number of sets might increase because you do more warm up sets or more sets to build up to your max weight.

The whole idea is to beat what you did last time. That can be with weight or with reps. Either one is going to cause you to get stronger.

cool… thanks a lot for all your help!

I have prepared the program for use, and will start on it today (saturday). Hope to see some good results!