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WS4SB and Sprinting


Anybody have any good ideas for sprint programs that go well with ws4sb?

anything that works with distances up to 300 meters is good.

looking to work on short sprint speed ie 20, 40, 60 meters, and endurance sprints 200-300 meters.


Adding in sprint workouts is a great idea, especially for the offseason, because ws4sb is designed for athletes who are doing some sort of athletic activity during the week- hence the lack of the second lower body lifting day.

I would do the sprint workouts before lifting. I would keep total volume in the 600-800 meter range for the week.

If I were you (I'm assuming you're using the M/W/F split and looking to increase speed for a sport like football), I'd go every day before lifting and use a workout like one of these:

1.) 10 x 10m, 10 x 20m
2.) 5 x 30m, 2 x 50m
3.) 2 x 50m, 2 x 60m
4.) 3 x 80m
5.) 1 x 60m, 1 x 80m, 1 x 100m

Or you could just sprint on your upper body days and go a little higher volume:

1.) 4 x 40m, 3 x 60m
2.) 2 x 80m, 2 x 100m
3.) 2 x 100m, 1 x 150m
4.) 1 x 100m, 1 x 150m, 1 x 200m
5.) 2 x 200m


check out WS4SB II...It had sprinting I believe