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WS4SB Additional Leg Work


I’m currently doing West Side For Skinny Bastards Mon/Wed/Fri. I also do Muay Thai Tue/Thu, but still feel I need extra leg work on Saturday (chicken legs).

My current Max Effort lower body session on Wednesday consists of a deadlift variation followed by split squats + leg curls + grip work. I feel like I should make back squats my main exercise for Saturday.

What would be a good protocol for this? 3x max reps similar to Fridays upper body work? 10x10? 20-rep set? Any assistance exercises? My goal is maximum hypertrophy.

I’m 6’6" 242lbs.


Have you read WS4SB II and III?

Yes I have. If I remember correctly Part II had strongman and Part III jumping exercises. I don’t have the means to perform these however.

If you lift lower twice a week, the second day needs to be DE or RE. At most hit 6-8 reps and probably ideally go 8-12. This will be better for hypertrophy anyway.

You don’t have the ability to perform jump exercises? How is this possible? You can perform broad jumps or vertical jumps anywhere. And you can find ways to do box squats with stable boxes, benches or chairs.

After that, you follow the leg workout as listed in WS4SB3.