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WS4SB, Adding 2nd Lower Body Workout


I’m an 18 year-old rugby player, I’ve been training for a bit over a year and, having used a 5x5 program to make the most of my newbie gains, I’m looking to start on West Side - specifically Joe De Franco’s version for “skinny bastards”. I’m naturally a skinny guy so I’m looking to put on some muscle but also get some strength and power.

I feel like I might be able to fit a second lower body workout into the week, especially in the rugby off-season. Should I make this second workout a dynamic, repetition or max-effort workout?

I assume the repetition workout would favour hypertrophy, the max-effort would bring more optimal strength and the dynamic would give me more speed. Is that a fair assessment? I’m thinking much like the upper body workouts it would be beneficial to me (as a skinny guy) to get one max-effort workout and one repetition workout to get the best of both worlds.

Thanks for your time and advice


The answer to all of your questions.

Brilliant, thanks