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WS4SB, 3RM or 5RM?

Hey guys, I’m currently running a variation of WS4SB to improve my performance at lacrosse and improve my asthetics. I was wondering whether I should shoot for a 3RM or a 5RM on Max Effort Days. Since building muscle is one of my main goals, I’m thinking 5RM, but I wanted to get some second opinions on if it will really make a difference. And I’m doing the variation of WS4SB that only has one lower body day, so a 5RM might be better to make up for some of the lost volume? However, I do enjoy the heavier weight of the 3RM. I’m 16 6’0" and about 175-180lbs. Thanks.

Either is fine. Muscle is built with the repetition effort work: not the max effort work. Max effort is just about learning how to strain.


As 16 prob 5s a bit more sensible but doesnt matter too much, can change it up also -one week ramp up in 5s next week 3s. Some weeks 6s even

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Alright thanks guys. I think I’m gonna go with a 5RM because my technique will probably be better too.

I find that I do either naturally. I prefer shooting for 5s, because inevitably ill fall short of that if going true max effort.

Yeah that’s a good point. If I fail a 5RM at least I’ll still be getting 3-4 max effort reps.

To be clear, you shouldn’t fail during a given rep. Learn to gauge your body’s performance and capability. If rep number 4 feels stupid-heavy, don’t try for a 5th. Hitting actual muscular failure during a set is counterproductive for strength-building and arguably unnecessary for size.

Yeah that’s what I meant, sorry the way I wrote that was stupid lol.

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You know, you can use 4RM as well. There’s nothing magical about 3s or 5s. Set records with all three numbers.

When I did WS4SB I roasted between sets of 5 or 3 depending on how I felt.

If I felt strong and powerful on that day I often chose 3.