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WS4SB 3 Question


I'm about to switch up the exercises. Have done the same ones for 4 weeks now.

On the ME Upper day, one of the exercises is weighted chin-ups. Generally on the ME exercises you are to work up to a 3-5 rep max. However on chins I don't think this makes sense. I think I'd be better off going for my 3-5 RM right off the bat, or with a few non-weighted chins at most.

So, how would you structure it? Do like 3 sets with my 3-5 RM? I don't think hopping on and doing 1 set of like 4 unweighted chins, and then a set with my 3RM would be sufficient.



Why doesn't it make sense to work up to a max chin set? I would think if it didn't make sense DeFranco wouldn't have it as an exercise option. I've used it a few times before and I don't see any difference between it and other lifts.


For chin-ups I ususally warm up on the lat pulldown machine with whatever grip I'm going to do for the chin-ups. This allows me to get in some volume before I hit the bar.

Go all out on your last set; your 3-5RM should be just that-the most you can do for 3-5 reps. If you can do 3 sets with that weight it's not a max.


i apologize in advance for this hijack:

does it matter if i rotate ME exercises every week or two? i mean do i have to wait 3 or 4 weeks?


You can. If WS4SB 3 doesn't say you can do it, the other versions have said you can do a max set of weighted chins. Past versions have also said you can do a max set for weighted dips.


You can rotate ME exercises every week. Rotating every 1-3 weeks is probably the best. Doing the same exercise for 4 or more weeks is too long.


You do 3 reps. You add some weight. You do another set of 3 reps. You keep adding weight until you can't do 3 reps. Your last successful set was your 3RM. Try to lay things out so it takes you 5 sets of moving up in weight to hit your 3RM on your 5th set.

Or you could use a projected 3RM weight and do...

60% of 3RM weight X 3
70% of 3RM weight X 3
80% of 3RM weight X 3
90% of 3RM weight X 1
Real 3RM weight X 3


thanks. thats good, as i get really tired of doing the same old shit all the time lol