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WS4SB 3 for Soccer Training



I don't know how it is in the USA but I think your offseason is a way longer then mine (germany).

I have only a 3 weeks winter and a 6 weeks summer break and then starts the preparation (abaout 4 weeks) for our season.

In genereal we train 3 times a week and match on sunday, so I have 3 days for my wsbfsb. I only use the max upper, rep upper, and dynamic lower workouts, because I think max lower is too much for my legs.

Now during winter break I am doing wsbfsb mostly every day to increase my vertical jump.

Is it okay the way I organize my workouts:
mo: dynamic lower
tu: soccer
we: max upper
th: soccer
fr: soccer
sa: rep upper
su: match

It would be also great if you could give me an example of a normal college season, because if I read DeFranco's articles it sounds like their training more then 3months only the wsbfsb template and then start their soccer, football, basketball season with the strength gains for abaout 3months and then repeat it.

thank you for your help


if u want stronger legs which i assume u do u need a ME lower, i think that maybe make it a ME/RE effort because rep training like 20 rep squats will proablly help endurance although i wouldnt want to do those during the season haha looks pretty good


Soccer in the U.S. is played (Collegiate and High School level)in the fall with the rest of the year “off”. Time spent “off” usually means playing with a club team affliated with your school or with another league or state team.

So essentially its played year round… or only during the 3 month season; its really the players choosing… obviously playing year round has its benefits…

As a former soccer player myself though… playing at a fairly high level year round (Olympic Development Program, Premier Leagues, Region I etc.) its definitely difficult to achieve large mass gains due to the nature of the sport.

That being said if I were playing soccer still I would arrange my workouts based on CNS demands… trying to place my maximal effort days when I’m the most fresh during the week and dynamic days at less opportune times. Therefore, the only change I would say that your schedule needs to have is performing max effort upper on Monday.

IMO during practices, if you have the option, and willing to sacrifice performance on the field; I would run slower or be more efficient in terms of making runs etc. (dependent on position) in order to reduce the metabolic demands of the game… Perhaps it would give you a chance to rely more on technique than physical prowess.