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WS4SB 3 for Higher Vertical?

Would westside for skinny bastards part 3 increase my vertical without doing the upperbody part?

Why wouldn’t you do upper?

be more detailed in your post with your current stats, like weight hieght ,squat ,bench ,vertical jumps etc.

I dont see any reason not to do the upperbody part either so.

Oh sorry my current weight is 153. My height is 5’8".

Squat is around 305-315.
Bench is 215
Standing vertical is 29-30inch.

The reason i dont want to do upper body is to focus on my vertical jump status.

getting your legs stronger while not gaining weight will generally increase your vertical.

But if thats your true squat, and not some ill technique squat, or ill technique back squat, then getting your legs stronger is the least of your worries right now. You just won’t jump higher proportionately to your gain in strength, if you only have a 30 inch vertical with a solid 315 max squat.

you would be better off with a jump program, sprinting or working on your flexibility in order from best option to last.

i thought 30" standing vertical Should equal about a double body weight squat?

i’m pretty sure thats normal

2xBW is only a starting point, and I would say the bare minimum.

keep pushing it up!

depending on the style of squat, and how it’s performed, controlled or divebombed etc, it can range from 30-33+ inches for a 2xBW squat

Just do the upper body too.
The upper body controls 5% of your leap.

Thanks guys. But has anyone had any gains from there vertical from doing this program?
It seems so littl training for vertical?

well since you are skipping atleast half of the program (since you arent doing any upper body), why are you doing this if you dont think it’ll work for vertical anyways?

[quote]slicke wrote:
Thanks guys. But has anyone had any gains from there vertical from doing this program?
It seems so littl training for vertical?[/quote]

If you want a program with exercises geared towards your legs, try bill starr 5x5.
It has squats, deadlifts, power cleans.
Or if you know what exercises you want to do, just get some advice from the people on here and make your own program.
And just cuz you do WS4SB doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some other exercises.

Just do the program as written. It’s a very good program. And if you don’t train your upper body, that’ll be a weak link in your body. If you’re REALLY opposed to doing the upper body part, at least do something for maintainance. But I would say yes, you would gain. You seem pretty strong though with a 2xbw squat. If you wanted, you could find a program with a more explosive based training rather then absolute strength.

I know Joe D talks about how when he’s preparing people for the combine, he’ll drop the ME lower body day and replace it with sprints with a sled and other explosive stuff. A popular program to do is the Vertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett, and a new one that not too many people know about is the Vertfreak Program by Adam Linkenauger.

The vert freak program seems like a legit software but damn it is pricey.

Yeah. It is kind of pricey, but its a quality program.

I want to get to a 2.5bw squat and stay in my 150-155 lbs weight. Then i can do more explosive lifts?

Cool you got similar stats to me, cept your squat is much higher
im 5’8 bout 225 squat parallel squat that i tested , might be able to do more… bout 28innch standing 34 running.

Honestly i think you should start with the explosive stuff now, like depth jumps and stuff while atleast maintaining the squat. I think 2x should be good for now, although CoolCOlJ probly knows better>
Whats your running vert like at the momemnt and is your goal to jump higher of a run or just standstill?

If you do that, you’ll definitely have a nice vertical.

Your bodyweight is gonna go up

if you try and stay light, chances are it will take you a long time to get to 2.5xBW or you will stall very quickly

You need to add muscle to get stronger

if you want a 36inch or higher vertical, your 2xBW squat is not gonna get it done

My running vertical is around 34-35 so right know im trying to focus on getting stronger. i used to do squats followed by bulgarian split 5x10 reps.