WS4SB + 3 Cardio Sessions

I’m currently on WS4SB, but only do cardio once a week. I was thinking of sticking with WS4SB plus doing 3 cardio sessions a week (40 min each). If I stick to that will I develop a more “athletic” body type? I’m more interested in developing that sort of body type than being as huge as genetically possible (a topic more for the bodybuilding section).

The “athletic” body type you’re referring to is just someone who is strong, with low body fat levels and probably focuses on strength in the weight room first, over hypertrophy. If you want to look like an athlete, train like an athlete. How many cut-up athletes do you see spending 3 days a week doing cardio indoors at a gym? You already have the lifting part of it down following DeFranco’s program, but now you need to get up everything else.

Run sprints, play sports and do tempo runs on the days in between lifting, or even before you lift. Don’t get stuck in the rut of doing the elliptical or treadmill 3x a week. Save yourself from that insanity.