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WS 4 SB, 4 Me ? ? ?

First, I’m not a Skinny Bastard or a Hard Gainer.

My training from the beginning to the present has been geared towards Bodybuilding, using CT’s programs and techiniques. They have worked very well for me, giving great results in both strength and hypertrophy.

However I want to mix it up a bit and and really spearhead and focus on my strength training when I am done with my current BB training program.

I am no stranger to Squats, Deads, or presses and have used them consistanlty through my training. In fact I have added Box squats to my current program.

I also have a GPP day, Throwing: Keg, rock, cinder block, bowling ball. I also have a drag sled I built.

So here is the thing, I have searched and searched and read and read Both DeFranco’s and Tate’s and some Waterbury articles regrading Powerlifting, and they all have great information, but the only “program” that I have really found that lays everything out is Westside for Skinny Bastards.

Like I said I’m not skinny nor a hardgainer, and I really want to focus on increasing my Squat, DL and bench (Mostly squat and DL though) and basically my over all strength.

Can you guys point me in the direction of a program I should use or how to set one up? I do seem to like Tates and Defranco’s concepts more than others, but Watburys 10x3 sounds intressting too.

Sorry for the long post.

WS4SB is the shit. I don’t know anybody who’s followed it that hasn’t made good gains.

Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but check out CT’s Rennaisance Body Development. It’s truly a great program for improving strength and, though it’s not designed for optimal muscle growth, I experienced some great gains on the program.

Well, this was the first program that i found when i got to T-Nation, and i go back to it every couple months to up my strength. I used CT’s OVT for by bodybuilding needs, and I liked going between WS4SB to CT’s programs. And it also goes well with your GPP day. I have some more Westside programs on my computer in excel form if youre interested though, but i definitly think you could benefit from a 6 week cycle of WS4SB just to see how you like it.

Anyone eles have any suggestions?

I was hoping to have a couple of program suggestions to look over.

[quote]jbodzin wrote:
Anyone eles have any suggestions?

I was hoping to have a couple of program suggestions to look over.[/quote]

That’s going to be pretty difficult, considering there isn’t a “Westside program” out there. There are templates.

Study WS4SB, Dave Tate’s The Eight Keys and The Periodization Bible, and pick up the Beginner Training Manual and the Training Templates manual from elitefts and you’ll be well on your way. It takes some study to put together a good program for yourself, and it takes a knowledge of your own body and how it reacts to training.