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WRPF Showdown Meet

So its happening right now. ITs live on Twitch rather than Youtube so yea. Anybody have a score sheet?

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Does this meet have a site or something? They have an IG page which showed a few videos of lifts at the meet, but didn’t mention the weight.

All I know so far is John Haack came in 1st in his division and Dan Bell didn’t have a very good day.

Closest thing I see to a score sheet:

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Seriously Powerlifting, do better.

You want the sport to grow then get with the times (technology). It isnt that hard to have a public google sheets linked somewhere on your twitch, youtube and IG pages.

Even most of their IG posts didnt say the lifter, weight, attempt or ANY info.

In their stream it showed the attempt and weight but not their total or any other info you would want to see. No live commentary which does help make the stream more enjoyable but isnt a deal breaker.

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Yeah the least they could do is post the results on their IG, or at least a link to where that can be found.

Seems like a lot of people dropped out of this meet that were supposed to be the main attractions. Belkin and Oak weren’t there, what about Browner?

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I don’t even know but it looks like he dropped out too.

Sad times for powerlifting.

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