WRPF PRO 2017 Live on YouTube

Just saw Yury Belkin miss a 225kg bench but have no idea what’s going on because it’s in Russian



Belkin goes 390kg for squats and gets 225kg on the second try for his third bench. Not sure how much he weighed in this meet.

Yury opens with an incredible 425kg on DL. Considering he opened with 400 at BOBIV in August that’s quite a difference. 440kg second attempt, slow but no grind as he locks it out

just saw his 461 attempt?!?!?! Didn’t get it off the floor but just that he’s even attempting that weight.

Do you know what his DL and total were?

Belkin SBD 390/225/440kg Total 1055kg/2326lbs

Not sure how much he weighed in at but he sure as hell broke records

EDIT 103kg apparently for a 634 wilks

lol at breaking the 110 record by some distance… at 103!

He broke it easy a long time ago…in the 220s. Is fucking incredible when you think about it. Don’t know if records like that count tho