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Writing FAST


Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed

Has anyone read this book by Jeff Bollow?

The major points in it is to use a technique called "Talktation speed writing" which basically allows you to write almost as fast as you speak. After you're done your first draft, says Bollows, with his system, the need to edit, and re-write is minimized.

Any thoughts on this?


That would be cool. Even if I could write as fast as I can type I'd be happy.

That would realy come in handy at the Test Fest seminar in January.

Is there an estimate as to how soon you start writing fast(er)?


Could this possibly be...err...shorthand?


That or extremely sloppy and un-legible.


LOL@ Both

Yea but if it was legit it would be pretty cool. Though I'll stick to typing for the most part. 115wpm biiatch


I don't have an exact citation at the moment and I'm not familiar with the exact book you cited, but the fastest a human can hear english is 600 wpm. Varying shorthand methods, Gregg, Pitman, etc. have only achieved 400 wpm. Normal speech ranges from anywhere from 150 to 350 wpm. Other posters are correct though, you need to practice and maintain shorthand in order to get it down as fast as you can and subsequently understand what you wrote. I've learned Gregg and Pitman, I still use Gregg, my Pitman was just too illegible, but that's personal. I think this site has any version of Gregg for free:

I'm with Xen, though, I'll type before I write. Really, I only use Gregg for personal notes/conversation as most people can't read it and even those that do read it need to know your handwriting in order to read it really well.


It could very well be shorthand. I just picked up my information about it from amazon.com, and it doesn't really go into detail about what "Talktation speedwriting technique" is.

If I'm at home, I'll type the paper to begin with. However, if I'm at school I'll begin writing by hand, and then copy that to a computer at home (computer lab at school is too distracting).

Anyways, I just thought it would be very useful to be able to finish a 1000-word essay when I only have a 1 hour break between classes.

As for how quickly do you start writing faster, It doesn't give those details, but I would assume that it's as soon as you start implementing it, since it doesn't seem like something that would take extensive practice.

If anyone wants to, you can check out this page on Amazon:


Wow, awesome typing speed!
What's your accuracy like at 115wpm?