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Writing an Article on Anabolics

Writing an article for my professor on anabolic steroids. Detailing why they should be legal and dispelling the myths around them. I need some credible,solid sources on the topic. Be it history,usage,variants,side effects anything pertaining to the topic.

Google Scholar. A lot of good old German research.

Try: [Androgen* performance strength recovery growth test* ]

That should give you a good amount on history and usage etc…

Also: [Germany Oral Turnibol Shotput] Was chock full of good info, and heavily referenced going forward.

[Test* androgen insulin rat* testicular mean] Gives you a couple with good info on side effects, recovery HPTA etc…

^^ plug those search terms into Google scholar, Pub med etc… Any Report source you have access too.

Also does your uni/college have a medical school? Try any pathology or endocrinology texts.

Tons of surprisingly unbiased medical info on AAS usage.


Pretty good sources referenced in the documentary Biggest Stronger Faster as well