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Writing an Article: Increasing Libido


I am currently doing research for an article that will be the 8th issue of Interesting Times Magazine (a print/online self-help magazine). The topic is various ways to increase the male sex drive. Thinking I might call it "Hacking the libido: 10 ways to increase your vim and vigor in the skirt-chasing department" or something like that.

Anyway, here are some ideas:

Cut out masturbation and porno
Try Tongkat Ali
Try zinc
Resistance training
Reduce visceral adipose tissue (aka fat trailer trash cheeseburger gut)
More/better sleep
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Estrogen-reducing/blocking supplements/drugs
Tribulus Terrestris
Rhodiola Rhosea
General health: fish oil, multivitamins, cardio health, etc
Being more dominant and assertive in general
PT-141 aka Melanotan-II aka Bremelanotide
Saturated fat
Tim Ferriss' libido protocol from "The Four Hour Body"
Cannabis (makes some people horny)
Horny Goat Weed
Illegal drugs? I'm not advocating this, but I want it to be an exhaustive as possible list.

What are your ideas? I want this to be an exhaustive article.

Also, I am not really qualified to write this article as I am just a random writer hack, but I figured I could at least do a good job of compiling what's already out there. However, if anyone else is interested in this, I would be happy to hand over the reins. Contact me if you are interested. PM me for email address.


Good Tribulus works, cheap tribulus does nothing. The old TRIBEX 500 was great. Marijuana is great too, but it has to be the "up" type of weed that is mostly derived form cannabis sativa with high delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. I haven't tried bremelanotide yet but I've heard it's good if you can tolerate the nausea.


Holy resurrected threads, Batman.