WRITE your Representatives

Did you know?

That for every letter a Congress person receives they assume that it represents the view of One-Thousand (1,000) constituents.

Motivating anyone to do any writing?

and I’m sure you know they pay a helluva lot more attention if you happen to offer monetary rewards for voting whichever way you suggest.

Or call me cynical

Yep, and one would have to wonder how much letters must be received for Topic X before they consider the ‘number of letters * 1000’ as being statistically/politically significant.

Specially in a country with such a big population as the US. Whatever state, you still have a couple of millions of people by state. Therefore, a couple of thousands of letters minimum per topic.

So, in short, a weak chance of change IMHO. At least it gives the people the illusion that they can change things.


You want to influence a politician?


Some good questions posed concerning what numbers politicians consider significant…

But the general cynicism and the CAN’T do attitude is a reason why ephedra and prohormones are on their way out the door.

“Your silence will not protect you.”

  • Audre Lord

I sent letters and faxes, made phone calls and encouraged all of my friends to call and write as soon as I read the thread, on this forum, about Osbourne and his crusade. It might not make much difference but at least we can say we gave an effort. We won’t be the ones scratching our heads, wondering where all of the andro products went. I suggest that anyone reading this, search the web. There are a few sites out there that have a form letter, addresses and fax numbers. All you do is fill out your information, print it, fax it, and/or mail it. It may cost you 3 of 4 minutes of your life, that’s it. If you are using any of these products on the “banned” list they are trying to pass, then it is your right (or maybe duty) as a citizen to make yourself heard. If enough people make enough noise, we might be able to defeat this. At the very least, TRY!!!

nah, I’ll just do steroids instead.

steven explained it quite nicely.