Wristwraps and Kneewraps for IPF Comp?

Hello all,
I was going to buy wristwraps and kneewraps and was just wondering what people recommend. I am a lighter lifter, -75kg if that makes a difference.

I was looking at the Titan THP wristwraps and kneewraps or the Inzer Z wrist and kneewraps.

Question about length, get the longest allowed? And is that 90cm for the wristwraps in IPF comp?

Can’t go wrong with either of those. THP’s are a bit more aggressive than the Z wraps. I think the z wraps are a good start for someone who is not used to using wraps. Personally I use the inzer all black knee wraps and titan thp wrist wraps. wristwraps can be as long as 100cm for IPF

i use the Black Mambas, for my wrists and knees, and i absolutley love them both! i lift with someone who is sponsored by Inzer and he loves the Black Mambas! I use the 24inch wrist wraps and 2meter knee wraps, both are amazing…I have used the Inzer knee wraps and i love them also, if ur deciding between Titan and Inzer, go with the Inzer knee wraps…but id check out the prowriststraps.com