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I have a bunch of wristwatches (ebay guy) but I don't have one specifically for training. I think with a countdown timer ( hit the button and it beeps in a preset amount of time ), one that beeps at specified intervals ( rope skipping, interval running ) etc. would all be helpful. Anybody got suggestions?


Go to Wal-Mart and pick yourself up a stop watch for about $10. I have one and use it during all my workouts. Works great, but for $10, I don't have the countdown beeper. You have to spend about $15 for that!


Almost all of the Timex IM series have countdown timers that you can set to whatever interval you like, and can automatically repeat or be set to go just once. On the cheap side too.


I really enjoy my Suunto Advizor. The countdown timer is great because I can set up to 99 (I think its 99)intervals of various duration. I also use the heart monitor feature rather extensively. It tells me how long I was in, above and below my target zone. Also, it gives my maximum and minimum heart rates.