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Wrists Limiting Factor in Low-Bar Squat


Hey guys, recently switched to moving a low bar squat. I feel like this puts me in a much stronger position, however, my wrists seem to be loaded in a very awkward position. Is this something that will just take some getting used to?


The weight is supposed to be on your back, not your hands. Your hands are just there to make sure the bar doesn't roll.

Try to go a little wider while keeping your upper back tight. Could be that your hands are just too close to your shoulders, and they're getting in the way.


Don't wrap your thumb under the bar, use a suicide style grip. Could be shoulder flexibility. Try doing shoulder dislocates before your squats to warm-up.

There are a few threads on this topic already, try doing a search.


Thanks man, I started doing the suicide grip when I switched to low-bar because it definitely felt more comfortable. In addition, I searched for the topic before posting but didn't really find anything of use, all that came up was videos of people asking for critiques of their low-bar squats. I will definitely give the shoulder flexibility a try though.


Yeah I know what you're saying, it doesn't feel like my wrists are supporting the weight, more along the lines of forcing the bar into my back. I'll give a wider grip a try next time though, thanks.






Those are pretty helpful videos. I actually had some wrist pain when switching to the low bar squat grip as well, but I found it was mainly because I wasn't keeping my upper back tight enough and bending over enough to support the weight entirely on my back muscles, so my wrists were getting too much stress on them.