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My family suffers from Arthritis. I was wondering if lifting weights will make my case worse later on, or help it out? Im a teenager now, just hoping for the best later. Please let me know so i can research what my options are.

Thank you.


I'm sure all the docs here will chime in to give you some answers...but from what I understand Arthritis is not caused by lifting, manual labor, over usage, etc...It's more of a genetic condition. So lifting won't make a difference other than if/when you do get it, the lifting and staying mobile will help ease the pain then.


I saw something recently, don't remember where that said there's the possibility that strong grip strength can relate to arthritis down the road due to the strain placed on the wrists from muscles. Anyway...

One year ago I broke my wrist pretty badly, right in the joint area. I had no surgery but was told that I would suffer arthritis down the road. I due suffer some manner of pain here and there but nothing debilitating. I did invest in a nice set of Inzer wrist wraps for heavy pressing and lifts that put my joints under more stress. Other than that, I try to do dumbell over barbell pressing whenever possible as it allows for a more natural range of movement.


I should also add that I am much stronger and pushing more weight than I ever did before the wrist injury. I guess the 12 weeks I was forced to miss because of the cast really motivated me.


I due??? I think that's what I said when I got married. Sorry about the typo.


That's true for rheumatoid arthritis (which is genetic), but not for osteoarthritis. OA is generally a repitition injury response (though there's a genetic factor as well), so it can be caused by weightlifting (I actually have minor OA in my shoulder from years of this). However, as long as you're training intelligently, have good nutrition, etc., the risk and severity are relatively minor.

gibran, if your family has a history of RA, the best thing you can do is to strengthen your muscles now and keep up a healthy exercise regimen and diet throughout your life. Even if there's a history of RA in both sides of your family, you only have about a 30% chance of getting it. But if you do get it, being healthy will help to minimize its impact.

Btw, this info is coming from my wife, who at 32 has been dealing with RA for 5 years.


Thanks alot guys. I was wondering this because during some exercises my left forearm/wrist usually seems to lack behind. It doesent seem like a strength problem, but im going to work with it just to make sure.

As for the arthritis..im glad to hear keeping healthy will possibly prevent it from attacking me :slight_smile:
Ill be keeping at it for a long time.

Thanks again for the replies.