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Wrists and jerks

I did a set of jerks today at the end of my leg workout today and it hurt my right wrist pretty bad at the time. A half hour later it was fine though. I was thinking of using some wrist wraps next time, would that be a good idea? or would it just weaken my wrist? By the way I did 7 that particular set, I don’t usually do that many in a set but then again I usually don’t just do the jerk portion of the clean and jerk.


I use wrist wraps for movements like jerks and others which place a great deal of stress on the wrist.

doing jerks properly shouldn’t put much stress on your wrists. i don’t see how wraps could help.
when does it hurt? when you’re holding the weight? when you drive up? when you catch the weight? are you going really heavy? what grip do you have in all phases of the jerk?

In the perfect world anything done properly should not hurt you, but that is not reality. Since wrist wraps add extra support to the wrist they tend to prevent hyperextention. Take a look at pictures of elite OLers and see how many use wrist wraps. The reason they wear them is not just because they look cool.

My only other recommendation would be to do Jerks before your leg workout. Once the legs are fried you are most likely not getting enough leg drive to maintain proper form.

I really like Inzer wrist wraps… you can use them for just your heavier sets if you want, and since you can adjust the tightness, you can set it just at the right level of support… I think they work very well… I had some wrists problems and using those I think really has helped get my wrists stronger… I have begun using them less and less and my wrists have been “gettin’ some gould gains”.


Good points about adjusting the tightness and using ww during heavy sets. What I will usually do is warm up with them on, and take them off once the wrists feel good. Then put them back on during my heaviest sets, or if I feel that my wrists are starting to fatigue.

doing olympic lifts on non-spec weighlifting bars can put alot of stress on the wrist considering the bar does not bend or rotate as freely. Using wrist wraps is beneficial. you don’t want to mess with your wrists and have long time problems. it’s not worth it. laters pk

I think you should evaluate your reasoning for doing heavy jerks. You should concentrate more on explosiveness and bar speed in such a lift. But if you must do heavy jerks you definetely should use wrist wraps.

good luck finding a world class OL guy using straps when he’s doing jerks from a rack. plenty of guys use them to give the grip a rest when doing pulls and snatches. but rarely will you see straps used on cleans (ever?).
and i can’t even imagine seeing them used on jerks from a rack.

are you using a quality OL bar? or is it a standard bar or a PL bar?

We are talking about wrist wraps, not wrist straps.

Sounds like you suffered an injury due to fatigue.

Don’t know why you did them at the end of your leg workout… but hope you heal up and wrist wraps should help (moreso psychologically) and they may also keep the area warm.

Try to work the exercise back into your routine and btw what poundage were you using ? My problem usually is straining my elbow and shoulder capsule rather than my wrist.

Get healthy soon Jerome.

I was doing about 100 kg plus whatever the collars were, (2.5 or 5 kg each, I can’t remember). I usually don’t do them at the end but I just did them as an after thought that day. Fatique probably did cause it. Also I found them hurting at the bottom part of the lift. I don’t think I’ll be doing tham at the end of my workout again.

jerking is always rough on the wrists…