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Wrist wreck

Heya T-fam. For several months I’ve had an infrequent pain in the palm of my hand when I deadlift heavy or sometimes during pulling motions. It is a sharp pain and extends along the fleshy part of my palm. I plan on having it checked out by some sort of medical practitioner, but I’d like some opinions as to what it may be and how I could correct it. Thanks.

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It’s most likely myofascitis of the palmar fascia, or of the intrinsic muscles in the palm. Art would work great, if thats not available, do direct warm ups for the hand muscles, such as light grip work. Ice after training would help to keep post workout inflammation down. Ironmind has some great grip equipment you could buy to hit the area.

Did this start about the time you and your girlfriend broke up? Have you found that your eyesight has been deteriorating at the same time?

Sounds like it could be the beginning of carple tunnel…do you do repetitive movements in your job???