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Wrist Wraps

Recently my bench got up over 300 lbs (finally) and it kinda hurts my wrists to go this heavy. I bought some wrist wraps, which I have never used before. Any tips on these? How tight? Also, what the hell are the elastic loops for? I swear I’m not playing–I really don’t know.


The loops are for your thumbs. Put your thumb through the loop and wrap the wrist wrap around your wrist. The trick is to not only wrap your wrist but to wrap about an inch or so onto your hand itself, so if your wraps are 3 inches wide 1 inch will be up onto your hand and 2 inches will be onto the wrist. Basically you are trying to keep the wrist joint from bending so much. You’ll have to experiment with how tight you need them.

I wouldnt use them. I would find out the root cause of the pain. My stance may be biased, but I see no use for wraps, belts, shirts,bands, gloves, etc. Me and the weight. I am clothed, you sickos!!