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Wrist wraps

Just wanted to thank Steve for the heads up on wrist wraps… I just got the Metal ones the other day, and used them for the first time today.

+25lbs and one chain PR on my floor press… fucking kickass.

Not only did my wrists feel good… not perfect, but good. But my elbows were also spared alot of pain. If you experience either of these problems – try wrapping your wrists.

Ryno, are there different size wraps or just one length, i am looking to change, but i didn’t know anyone that used the metal ones, let me know more about them

There are 2 sizes… I got the 60cm. The other ones are 80cm. I couldn’t see needing any more than 60, but there may be some jacked motherfuckers out there I’m not thinking about…

The thumb loop is cool. I’m not sure if other wraps have that, but it’s easy as hell to get them on and off. I like taking them off between sets because when I put them back on before I go, my wrist just feels unbreakable. Definitely a good investment.