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Wrist wraps

i’m looking for an everyday pair that will last and feel sturdy. (to use for weights in the 250-400 lbs range)
I want my wrap to form basically a cast with as high flex as possible.

any recommendations is appreciated.

Cast and flex are mutually exclusive when it comes to wraps.

If you want a cast, get a pair of THP’s.

If you want flex (meaning less stiff) get a pair of Inzer’s or the lower level ATP’s.

I have some ATP convicts that I like alot and I either train in these or my Inzer wraps and use THP’s at a meet.

apwsearch read my mind. I train in ancient inzer red n blacks and do meet work in THPs. 20-24".

not for competition, only for everyday training (something effective + flexible)
Which one to choose?

  1. Titan Titanium 24"

  2. Inzer Z wraps 20"

  3. Black/Blue Mamba 24"

  4. another suggestions ?

whatever you get I’d go with the 36", they’re legal in pretty much every federation and you get more support

I don’t like longer wraps for training b/c I think they are a PITA. In fact, one of the reasons I like the Convicts is I have a pair of shorties and they are still very supportive.

I used to train with a guy that insisted on wearing 36’s and it felt like we would stand there forever waiting for him to tighten his wrist wraps…it was annoying.

If you are a large boned guy and handling heavy weight frequently 36’s are probably not a bad idea but for the average lifter they are too much wrap, imo.

Titan titanium and Inzer z’s are very similar. Had a pair of Blue mambas but gave them away before trying them because they were 36’s.

I would just get what costs the least, honestly.

Titaniums in 24", my favorite pair of wraps. IMO 36" is too long to deal with in training but your experience may be different.

My wrists are too small to even think about 36", I would get 97 rotations with them and get called for time before I even hit the platform.

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
My wrists are too small to even think about 36", I would get 97 rotations with them and get called for time before I even hit the platform.[/quote]

HA! I trained a little girl (132) who used them and it drove me up a freakin’ tree.

It was funny.

What about the ‘EFS Heavy Wrist Wrap’, can someone tell me about the quality of those??
are they better than the others i mentioned above?

The EFS wraps are very similar to the APT wraps only with a different brand on them. They would be good as would most of the others mentioned in the thread. With the numbers you are talking about, you don’t need to overthink this one. Any of the wraps would be more than adequate for you.

For the record, I would recommend the 36" wraps since they allow for a wider range of adjustment. Even though they are long, you can wrap them loosely if you only want moderate support but you always have the option of adding more support by going tighter. I don’t know what everyone else was doing to take so long to wrap their wrists, but even with heavy shirted benches above 500# it still only took me less than a minute to wrap my wrists tight.

What’s the difference between ‘Inzer True Black Wrist Wraps’ and ‘Inzer Iron Wrist Wraps Z’ ??